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Fans of the “20 Beautiful Women” series are in for a further treat as it has become a movement and now has a blog in The Huffington Post. Saba Tekle has also announced that the first volume will be re-released with much more soon to come.

So overwhelming was the response to the first and second volume that a third volume as well as an Africa Edition complied with Lelanie Basson has also been planned. When volume 2 was released, “20 Beautiful Women” hit bestseller; #1 in Spiritual Healing, #1 in Women’s Personal Growth and #2 in Motivational.

All volumes feature poignant and inspiring stories from authors and is compiled by Best Selling Author, Saba Tekle. What all these women have in common is that they experienced devastating circumstances, loss and disappointment; nevertheless, each of them discovered their purpose through their pain and is now helping others to overcome challenges they once faced.

Tekle is excited about the third volume as well as the Africa Edition but not enough to spill the beans. Readers will have to wait a bit longer for a preview of these editions. What can be expected though is that the books will be just as empowering as the first and second volume.

The book has also been featured widely in the media in sources such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfead, HLN’s The Daily Share and D-List Magazine. Buzzfeed ranked it #2 out of 10 books that will encourage and inspire women and it is set to be featured in a Tedx Talk in the very near future.

Forbes Ranked #1 Social Media Influencer and best-selling Author, Sean Gardner, reviewed the book on Huffington Post saying: “I know a literary winner when I see one. I knew Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, Sonia Sotomayor’s My Beloved World, and Porter Gale’s Your Network Is Your Net-Worth were going to be massive best-sellers. And they were. Those were three of my favorite books of 2013. They had impact, were well-written, and encouraged intellectual curiosity. The same can be said for “20 Beautiful Women,” which is why I think it’s headed for major stardom.”

“20 Beautiful Women” has inspired many and broken barriers. It has been sold in over 4 countries and inspired over a million women to participate in the #20BeautifulWomen Challenge on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Both Volume 1 and Volume II of the book have elicited favorable reviews and there’s no doubt that Volume 3 and the African edition will generate a similar response.

National Best Selling Author Debrena Jackson Gandy said: “You may find yourself shedding a tear, as I did, or saying YES out loud, with triumphant fist pump as you read these stories.”

Sheree P. said: “20 Beautiful Women volume 2 has inspired me to move beyond my fears and anxieties to be the best person that I can be. I felt blessed by each woman’s story because I was able to look at my life differently and believe that if they can overcome the trials and tribulations that they have endured, I can do the same. I was very moved by each woman’s testimony!”

“20 Beautiful Women” aims to inspire and empower women in the areas of weight loss, self-help, lack of self-love, relationships, career, finances, spirituality and forgiveness. The books are available for purchase on at For further information about the books, please visit:

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