open letter to oprah

You are the “mother” of America. You are a moving monument. I am sure 8/10 people have you on their bucket list. You certainly are on mine. I remember the year I decided I was going to be a guest on your show.  It was the same year you began to say your farewells. But something told me; I won’t have to worry about that. “I would just have to be so great she will have to come out of retirement.” But low and behold you created a network where you feature experts in my field, providing them the platform of all platforms. You not only provide women and men jobs, or opportunities and something to look forward too, oh no, you provide people much more than that. Oprah, you created the network of all networks to give us something that was deeply lacking in our lives, SOUL.

You share your wisdom, knowledge, spirit, energy, love, care, compassion, success and joy with the world and it give us, me life! You are “everything” as they say. A boundless beautiful woman filled with soul, humanity and humility.  I look forward to being your guest on “Super Soul Sundays” and bringing more joy to the world.

I see you, I salute you, I thank you.


Be Beautiful,

open letter oprah

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