Click play below to here the extended Huffington Post interview with the beautiful Necole Kane:

Extended & Off the record:

Necole: People have asked, “Why didn’t you get someone else run the site?” Well because as long as Necole Bitchie is up – if it’s my header or my url – then it is standing for something I no longer stand for. Also that’s letting somebody take control of the legacy of that site and that brand.

I am walking away from “celebrate gossip” not entertainment news. The difference is facts VS rumor that has not been proven to be true.

The main reason, I left is, it hard to live your life when you’re consumed with everyone else’s doing.

I don’t want to abandon my audience I want to elevate

Me: “Why leave now?”

Necole: With all of the social injustices that were happening around the country, coupled with some personal things I was going through in my own life, I started feeling the urge to do something more positive with the platform I had.  In Blogger of the Year speech at the Blogging While Brown conference two years ago, I said, ‘When you are given a platform to speak, you should say something meaningful’ and I want to live up to that. I am such a different person than I was almost 8 years ago when I launched the site, and I wanted my work and my brand to reflect my evolution.
I was 16, when I first heard of Oprah and I was touched that this powerful African American woman was traveling the country and empowering women. Her tour was selling out like hotcakes and I wanted that type of power and influence when I grew up.  I can only imagine how many young women are looking up to me, and the other female bloggers who have paved the way , and saying ‘I want to be like them.’  And for that reason alone, I had to take responsibility. Now, it’s up to me to find a way to elevate my audience, produce thought-provoking content with substance, and give other women a platform to share their truth and an unjudgemental and encouraging atmosphere.
I am still a work in progress. If just having the courage to walk away from a successful brand to follow my life’s purpose and passion has encouraged and inspired at least one person, I am happy.

Me: Are you writing your book?

Necole: Next January people might be expecting something.