Gender Equality As A Myth- Beyonce Weighing in

gender equality beyonce

I am not sure how to feel about Beyonce weighing in on the issue of gender equality. My first thought was, I guess if she bringing it to the forefront it’s going to be next up on the list of issues we face as country.

My second thought, we all know this is a global issue that will never be resolved with just equal pay.

Underneath the myth of gender equality is a deep wound that must healed not just between man and women but also between woman and woman.


Now, before I shine my person view I did a little research…

  • I found nothing concrete on what jobs would pay a women less and man more.
  • I read that all jobs were listed, meaning even if it was a construction job, that too was collected in the consensus that men get paid more than women.
  • I also read that men are more unemployed than women. The numbers were close but men were ahead.

Whether it was an article I read in Forbes or statics on a random site there were no specific positions listed. This could be to protect the employer, or gender equality is not a myth.

Whatever the case may be, my personal opinion on this matter is there are even more bigger issues at hand: stereotypes, the double standards we live in today and the women who enforces them.

  • Women are know to be catty, bitchy, jealous… I could go on… then turn around and make fun of men that act like “us”.
  • Collectively we condone men that are promiscuous and condemn women who are… then call them… well I could list names but you already know them.
  • Even then women collectively enforces this double slander, I mean standard, by putting down her fellow women using those names.
  • Women expect men to provide and put down men who can’t.

I have heard someone say that was the reason why there is gender inequality, a man has to provide for his family….

Do I agree with any of this, no.

But if we are living with these mix up standards, what are we to expect?

I do, though wonder, if women had a more sisterhood. A common understanding, a bond and unspoken respect between each other, maybe if we changed how we interacted with each other more of us would be in power and anything less then gender equality would be unacceptable.

As always #BeBeautiful,

gender equality beyonce

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